About Me

My Background


  Evelyn Mendez Portuguez  was born in San Jose, Costa Rica on March 16, 1963. From an early age she showed an inclination for the arts; drawing portraits of her family and creating figures from clay.  When she was ten, looking at a photo of a still life, created by a national artist, in a newspaper, she decided she wanted to be an artist.

After her son was born, she would paint designs and characters on his clothing and linens.  This brought many inquiries from other parents.  She also did design work for pajamas and covers for small kitchen appliances. 

Evelyn was also contracted, and painted murals on the wall of several schools in Costa Rica

She attended the National Learning Institute in Costa Rica where she deepened her training.  She later became an instructor and taught there for several years. 


Evelyn, attended the Continental University of Arts and Sciences in San Jose, CR. During this time she taught young children to draw, paint and appreciate the arts at a private gallery.  She also taught art through an educational television program. 

Evelyn was highly sought after as an instructor for art classes. 

Evelyn has participated in national and international art shows, in collectives and individually.  She has received several awards and gained national, and international recognition for her paintings.


Many of Evelyn's paintings are part of private collections around the world.

Evelyn presently resides in Tampa, Fl, U.S.A, and is a favored member of The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, a group that encompasses many nationalities.

You can find more about Evelyn and her art by visiting any of the following sites:



/ https://www.facebook.com/Happy-Faces-with-Evelyns-Colors-




My Medium


In respect to my artwork I only use the highest quality materials so they may be enjoyed for generations to come.

I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. 

Each idea manifests in its own individual style.  Therefore, I use various mediums for my artwork:,  clay, acrylics, pastels, oils, watercolor, paper mache and more.  


Face Painting Safety Always Comes First

I love to see the smiles and excitement of the children when they look at themselves in the mirror after I've painted their face. That's why I always use extreme care when face painting!

I only use FDA and EU compliant cosmetic grade face paint products. 

 Paints, paint brushes, and tools are cleaned and sanitized after every event. 

I am highly trained, licensed, fully insured and background checked.

Strict hygiene rules are followed for all equipment.

Evelyn's Colors Creations wants to keep you safe!  

I will not paint on skin which is sunburned, has any rash, sores, wounds, inflammation or shows signs of allergies.  

Nor will I paint faces that show signs of; conjunctivitis, runny nose or other evidence of upper respiratory infection.


Arm or hand painting will be offered as a substitute so no one feels left out!

The health and safety of your children is  most important to me, so I practice the highest safety and hygiene standards.  All supplies and tools are cleaned and sanitized after every event.

Face paint is not a paint.  It is a water-based cosmetics applicant made according to stringent standards using only FDA approved ingredients. Non-toxic and non-allergenic, water-based face paints are easily removed with soap and water.  Occasionally a faint residue remains, simply apply moisturizer or baby oil and wipe with a baby wipe.

Anyone with very sensitive skin should have a "patch test" done prior to the beginning of an event.


My Inspiration


 With my artistic expression I wish to transmit a positive message to rescue, revive and restore cultural and social values by using  the three R's, of contamination 

(Recycle, Reuse and Reduce pollution).  

Because I love the nature.  

I try to encourage a pleasant sensation for the viewers. 

A way to awaken the feelings of humanity,  by initiating it in our children, and the child within us. 


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